Senior Elixir Developer

Revolutionizing the Gig Economy with Cutting Edge Technology

About GigSmart
GigSmart is at the forefront of the gig economy, leveraging innovative mobile technologies to bridge the gap between businesses with immediate labor needs and skilled workers. Our platforms also facilitate rewarding connections for charities/non-profits. As we expand, we're looking for visionary talents to join our mission of making work accessible to everyone everywhere.

Your Role as a Senior Elixir Developer
As a Senior Elixir Developer at GigSmart, you will lead the development of our core platforms, driving the technological direction and making strategic decisions that affect our products at a fundamental level. Your expertise will directly influence the scalability and performance of our applications, impacting millions of users worldwide. This is an opportunity to shape the future of the gig economy alongside a team that values innovation and excellence.

What You'll Achieve
● Architect and develop advanced features, setting code quality and innovation standards.
● Implement scalable solutions using the BEAM, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, and other scalable technologies, ensuring robustness and reliability across our platforms.
● Lead the charge in optimizing application performance for a seamless user experience.
● Handle large-scale data management, demonstrating expertise in efficient data processing and storage solutions.
● Drive the adoption of best code testing, review, and maintainability practices.
● Champion the evaluation and adoption of new technologies to keep GigSmart at the cutting edge of the gig economy technology space.

Your Expertise
● Advanced proficiency in Elixir, with a robust software architecture and development lifecycle background.
● Expertise in Google Cloud Platform services, demonstrating the ability to leverage its capabilities to build scalable and resilient systems.
● Adept at managing large datasets and optimizing RDBMS like Postgres or MySQL.
● Experience with event-based systems such as RabbitMQ or Kafka.
● Comprehensive understanding of software development principles, focusing on functional and object-oriented programming.
● Exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to work autonomously and as part of a distributed team.

● Experience with the Elixir Phoenix Framework and developing APIs for various applications.
● Experience running and deploying applications with Google Cloud, Docker, and Kubernetes.
● Familiarity with GraphQL, React Native, and modern front-end technologies.
● Knowledge of big data processing and machine learning technologies.
● Proficiency in automated testing frameworks and continuous integration tools.
● Agile/Scrum development methodology experience.

Our Culture
● Our culture thrives on innovation, passion, and collaboration. We believe in empowering employees to exceed expectations, continuously learn, and innovate within the gig economy.

What it Takes to Part of GigSmart
Be Positive
● Adopt a positive mindset to overcome challenges and maintain a productive work environment.
● Promote a positive and supportive culture within your team and organization.
● Radiate positivity and optimism to inspire and motivate those around you.

Work Hard
● Diligently apply your efforts to achieve your goals and objectives.
● Demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to your responsibilities.
● Strive for excellence in all aspects of your work.

● Seek out creative solutions and embrace new ideas to bring about positive change.
● Continuously challenge the status quo and think outside the box.
● Foster a culture of innovation within your team and organization.

Have Passion
● Be enthusiastic and driven by your work.
● Demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to your chosen field.
● Inspire others with your passion and dedication.

Continue to Learn
● Embrace a growth mindset and continuously seek opportunities for personal and professional development.
● Stay updated with industry trends, technologies, and best practices.
● Engage in ongoing learning and skill-building activities.

Exceed Expectations
● Set high standards for you and your team and consistently strive to exceed them.
● Deliver exceptional results and go the extra mile to delight your customers and stakeholders.
● Create a reputation for reliability, excellence, and professionalism.

● Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment where teamwork is valued.
● Actively seek out diverse perspectives and embrace different ideas.
● Work effectively with others to achieve common goals and objectives.